Boracay, Philippines – A Heaven for Kiteboarding

Boracay, Philippines happens to be listed as you for the top ten coastline destinations within the global world in accordance with Yahoo! Travel. This island that is amazing the Philippines has stunning views and waves ideal for kiteboarding.

Facts about Boracay Island:

Riders may catch the most effective winds throughout the months of to March december
The wind conditions are around 15 to 20 knots
The area has a climate that is tropical from warm to hot
The area is surrounded with bars, restaurants and clubs – ideal for an nightlife that is exciting
The area of Boracay is located along north of Panay. It’s simply an island that is small was first discovered by backpackers through the 80’s. The destination has been developed from a secluded island into a culturally diverse location since its breakthrough. Now, there are malls, five star hotels and other establishments in this island that is small. Aside through the developments which can be commercial Boracay, Philippines has additionally become a haven for kiteboarding.

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Kiting in Boracay

Boracay has sandy that is long white with tropical and steady winds. Experts recommend kiting along the side that is east of island because it is quieter and far from the crowd. The beach along the part that is eastern of island is called Bulabog Beach. Here is the place that is ideal kiteboarders to introduce their kites.
For Beginners and Benefits

Bulabog beach is a kiting that is fantastic for beginner kiteboarders. The 2.5 kilometer bay that is long considered safe for beginner kite cyclists and sailors. The wind blows are consistent and tranquil from to March each year december. The waves are also great for experienced kiteboarders. There are great waves being rolling can raise surf jumps.

There are additionally instructors that are kiteboarding schools found within the island where you’ll learn how to ride your kites properly.

Striking White Beach

Among the things that made Boracay an extremely tourist that is popular in the Philippines is due to its striking white sands. Its one heaven that is tropical summer enthusiasts.

Boracay beaches are just like those found in the Caribbean with white sands, great waves, perfect winds, resorts, bars and all sorts of.

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Other Activities in Boracay

Apart from kiteboarding, the island of Boracay can also be a accepted place to perform windsurfing, wakeboarding, sailing, diving, jet skiing, and much more.

Boracay Island is a kiteboarding that is real in the Philippines. If you happen to look for a spot that is perfect kiteboarding, Boracay, Philippines sure has to be on your list.…


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5 Tips to First-Time Travelers in Thailand

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There are different place you would love to explore in Thailand, culture that you would love to know and spicy food that you would crave to eat. But before you think of anything else in traveling to Thailand, you should be well prepared especially when you are a first-time traveler. There are things that you should know and would help you avoid disappointments in traveling, so take your time to know Thailand before you book your reservation and read this tips for first-time travelers in Thailand.

Here are the five tips for first-time travelers in Thailand:

  1. First time arrival – In your first time travel to Thailand, you might feel tired and frustrated, because of the long duration of the travel and I bet you love to change your clothes or rest in your booked accommodation. It would be best if you go outside because you will be able to pay cheap taxis than airport bus or train which are really expensive. In this way, you will be able to take a glance of their city until you reach your desired accommodation to rest. Just make sure that you are going to ride with a taxi driver that knows how to speak English, because not all drivers can speak can English or just to be safe, be knowledgeable where you are going to.
  2. Reserved online or independent traveler – if you reserved your accommodation online or your on package trips then it would be easier for you to go to the accommodation you have booked. Make sure you know the place or landmarks that will help you track the accommodation that you are going to stay. Talk to the driver and ask if he knows the place, then you are good to go. But if you are on independent travel, then you should be knowledgeable about Thailand and find some safe accommodation to stay. Don’t worry because Thai people are more of hospitality and would gladly help you. One of the best times to travel to Thailand is in mid April, then you can experience Songkran in Thailand.
  3. girls in the seaCommunication gadgets – you must know by know that traveling to other country will block your signal to communicate with your family or friends, but there are social networking sites or applications nowadays that will help you reach your family or friends wherever you travel. You can also buy a cheap phone and sim to call, if you need to communicate to someone in Thailand.
  4. Cash and ATM’s – of course, you will need cash to spend in Thailand so make sure you bring your cash or atm card with you because you are going to need it. There are many ATM’s in Thailand so you don’t have to worry when it comes to money, just make sure that you are in a safe place when you want to get some money or when you want to convert some.
  5. Shop, Eat and Explore – this is the moment that you have been waiting for, so take the chance to explore Thailand. There are different tourist spot that is waiting for you to be discovered. But before you do that, make sure you know the place, have enough cash, be able to handle their temperature or environment and get ready to eat their spicy goods.

Many people love to travel to Thailand because of what this place can offer, it is one of the most visited place in Asia and I bet you love to know what you will experience. So don’t waste your time, get your reservation, things packed up, learn how Thai people live and use these following tips to help you throughout your Thailand journey.…